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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Harborough Carnival is a self-funding event held for the community and organised by volunteers. We do a lot of fundraising, and apply for various grants to help us to be able to put the event on each year, as well as raising some money to give back to charity.

But to make it the awesome (award winning!) event that it is, we’re always looking to gain extra funding, and this is where you come in.

Below is a list of sponsorship opportunities available, or we’re open to other suggestions too. If you would like to talk about sponsoring or contributing to the 2022 carnival please get in touch:

Main Carnival Sponsor £8,500  

As our main sponsor you will get possibly the greatest advert for your company, we will rename the  carnival to “The [your co name here} Market Harborough Carnival”, this will be added to all our 

social media and press for the year, there will be regular adverts on our social media to promote  your business and the event. Our programme will also feature your company on the front cover and  also a centre spread for advertising. Our stage has massive 12ft * 6ft wings that will also don your  branding along with the carnival logo. We are an active committee at the carnival and would like to  spend some time with your business getting to know you and building a relationship with you.  Should you wish we can also provide a marquee for your business to have as an exclusive area for  your staff and guests. In previous years sponsors have kitted the marquee out as their own private  party area and held a family fun day for the colleagues to enjoy. We give you up to 100 entry  wristbands and also food vouchers to be used at the vendors on site. We are open and very  accommodating for our main sponsors and would be happy to talk through any ideas you may have  that aren’t mentioned above.  

Race Sponsorship £6300  

Imagine 1000 people running through the streets of Market Harborough with your company name  attached to their front! If you sponsor our race you can have just that! You would have the “[your  business] half marathon/ 10k” advertised for 8 months leading up to the race which would be the 2nd Saturday of June. The main supporter area of the race would be the town centre and that would be  heavily branded to incorporate your business logo and information. As well as the centre of the town  the finish line is a busy place to be and ours will also be branded with your company logo. People  only run for the bling… You know you will be in people’s minds for a long time when your logo will  be on their finishers medal too!  

Loo Sponsor £2500  

It’s a bit of a S@#t job but everyone has to go for a tinkle at some point in the day. Take advantage  of this by sponsoring our posh and clean loos! You’ll be helping to provide something amazing that  most people judge an event on and have lasting memories of. We will incorporate your brand in the  WC area and also provide you with your own branded loo roll! Want to make sure that you never  have to queue? Sponsor our loos and we’ll keep a loo aside especially for your company. This  sponsorship includes a full page advert in our programme  

Bands Sponsor £2000  

We like to have live music all throughout the day and where possible showcase the best of the local  bands. You will be helping us book the best of what the Harborough district have to offer and will  also have a branded page in the programme opposite the bands schedule.  

Celebrity Sponsor £ POA 

We have thought long and hard about a celebrity and feel that it does bring something to the show,  however we have found that costs and getting the right celeb are quite hard to get right. If you have  a good idea for a celeb and would be interested in getting together to sponsor their appearance  then please get in touch.  

Affiliate Sponsorship £500  

We appreciate that some of our sponsorship packages do cost a lot of money and can be out of  reach for some businesses, whilst we can’t offer as much with an affiliate sponsorship we can  advertise your business on our website, social media and also on the day at the showground. Your  money will help us to break the back of the costs of the carnival and also help to create a fund for  the next years carnival.  

Sponsor a float £250  

We are very lucky that Stephen Sanderson Transport offer their vehicles and drivers free of charge  for the carnival. There is a cost to build the themed float and a lot of schools don’t always have  surplus funds to help create this. We are happy to help you connect with one of the local schools or  clubs and help them by providing a fund to build their best themed float. You will of course have a  banner each side of the float promoting your business.

Our amazing sponsors so far…

Brooke House College

Tax Assist Accountants


 Programme adverts £50- £200  

We also have advertising opportunities in our Carnival Programme, which not only is distributed to the thousands of people on the day, but is also posted out to local houses and businesses in the weeks before the event, letting everyone know that the Carnival is happening and what’s on. Each year we print between 5,000 – 10,000 programmes and deliver some to houses on the parade  route in advance of the event. The programmes are also delivered to local businesses so that people  can see what is in store for the carnival that year. Our Programme is a high quality A5 booklet and  we offer 3 types of adverts. ¼ page £60, ½ page 110 & full page £200  

If you’d like to have an advert in our programme, then get in touch with us on



As you know, the Carnival is a community event, and everything we raise goes back in the pot to enable us to put on the event each year.

We do have nominated charities each year,  please get in touch if you would like to be chosen as one of our 2022 charity partners.


Packages available to suit all budgets