The Parade starts @ 11:30 on Burnmill Road and will parade along closed roads through the town, along Coventry Road, East Farndon Road, Welland Park Road, Northampton Road and then finish on St Mary’s Road at the showground entrance.

We have 26 floats available, so if you are interested, then you need to get your name down sharpish!

the parade theme

‘Health & Wellbeing’

It’s so important to look after yourself! Let’s show everybody some good ways to look after ourselves.

Calling All Carousel Crafters: Spin Your Vision of Vigor on the ‘Health & Wellbeing’ Float Theme!

It’s time to dive deep into the treasure chest of tranquility and triumphs, Carnival dreamers! ‘Health & Wellbeing’ isn’t just a theme; it’s a canvas for you to paint your ultimate picture of self-care serenity, athletic adventures, or leisurely loves. Let’s make healthy habits the star of the show!


Imagine a float that breathes like a yoga retreat, bounces like a basketball court, or blossoms like a painter’s palette – what makes your heart sing in the key of self-love? Whether it’s savasana under the stars, scoring goals, or stitching together joy one quilt patch at a time, the streets are your stage to showcase your slice of paradise!

Don’t let those brilliant ideas float away like dandelion wishes. Jot down your top three chill-thrill or skill-spill inspirations and zip them over to our dynamic duo, Sarah & Caroline, at before the clock strikes midnight on 31 January 2024. Settle in for the anticipation tingle because by the sweet nothings whispered by Valentine’s Day – 13th February, to be exact – we’ll confirm your float’s moment in the sun!


And then? It’s decorating disco time! On the eve of Carnival ecstasy, let Sandersons on The Riverside Industrial Estate be your workshop Wonderland. But, oh no, no drab crafting in silence! We’re weaving in some Carnival pre-game spirit – it’s a decorating dance-off, a sing-while-you-string jamboree!


With scrumptious bites and thirst-quenching delights, it’s an invite to turn hours into memories. Bring the squad, the family, the neighbour you’ve only ever nodded at – let’s make it a float-flair affair to remember! So, grab those garlands, twirl that tinsel, and let’s festoon our way to float-tastic fame!


The goal? To make ‘Health & Wellbeing’ the heartbeat of this year’s Carnival – one float, one decoration, one shared laugh at a time. Now let’s get those creativity cogs turning and sprinkle some wellbeing wonder across our Carnival cavalcade!


Judges’ Verdict: Winning Floats Amplify Acts of Giving!

Excitement is in the air, as a brand-new panel of judges readies to score the dazzle of the parade floats, determining which three will claim the rosette spotlight. But the parade’s brilliance doesn’t end with awards—it’s just the beginning of a powerful gesture of giving.

Beside each vibrant vignette on wheels, dedicated collectors will walk the route, buckets in hand, gathering your generous donations. Each float is tied to a noble cause, and with every coin dropped, you’re amplifying the impact these organizations will have.

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